Our Journey

Leaving day: the goodbyes!

My gorgeous friends and family made my goodbye really amazing… emotional and created an amazing memory! The night before we left all the girls came over for a sleep over.  Showered with love and gifts for our travels! One was an anklet made of hearts which was measure… Although they measured their wrist for the size rather than ankle so it’s a little tight… more like a Kanlet! Apparently my friends want to leave a mark on me where ever I go! He he. (See pic)
My friends and family all came to the airport which was amazing! My dad even turned up to surprise me as I thought he couldn’t come as he was away for the weekend!
I managed to pack my life into 18kg! Impressive for me for anyone who knows me!
After a flight to Helsinki and then 10 hour flight to Bangkok consisting of mainly male men over 60 and a lot of reclining seats and films… we finally arrived!
We got ripped off on our taxi but lesson learnt!
I kept getting called Mr.Kim and fits of giggles from Thai people every time I said my name… Apparently it’s because it’s a common man’s name in Asia.. Suppose its like a girl in England called John, suppose it would be odd… Just hoping they don’t think I am a lady boy!
Checked into the Chatrium Hotel on the Riverside of the Chaoprya river… Lovely large room and views amazing… Although my bed had never looked so desirable!

Sleep over: Pants Party
Airport Goodbyes


Airport drinks… Got to be done
2nd flight… 10 hours to go
My leaving gift… A kanklet!!
Our living space @ chatrium
Our kitchen @ Chatrium
The view from our room!

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