Bangkok: Riverside 09.09.14

Day 1 in the Big City.  Woke up this morning with a stunning view. However where to start in this HUGE city was the question we faced!

Had the biggest breakfast which consisted of a raw looking omelette and sushi… Not the typical sausage and egg!!!
Then was the experience of tuk tuks… I will never again complain about other peoples driving…I feared for my life! We had a driver for the day for £3… We went to the royal palace… Had to hire clothes as too much skin on show… Had lots of people try sell us silk paintings so don’t be surprised if I bring u back one! Saw another temple… seems that is basically all to visit in Bangkok… Seen so many buddhas in one day!!  We had to play find the tuk tuk … Which is nearing impossible when all them look the same and so do the drivers!! Its been 34 degrees all day… Very very hot! No rain yet! Our tuk tuk also made us go to a silk shop and jewellers which was really annoying … We are not buying anything!!

Today Nkosi has been called Obama… David Cameron and David Beckham… I on the other hand got more Mr. Kim and Victoria Beckham… What can I say… We do look-alike! Just call me n Nkosi the new Gosh and Pecks!

We got the river boat later on in the evening… Very choppy river and saw lightning… Must admit I got panicked! Any way made it the other side safe and sound and then decided to get the train to Sukumvit road (to party as we have yet to have found anywhere that sells alcohol apart from the 7Eleven corner shop !). We qued up for our train ticket, got to the counter and the woman gave us a load of change… We tried to use it to go through the ticket terminal only to realise we had been queuing in a que for change not for tickets! This realisation was not instant… We must have looked like right numptys! We finally get on a train… I’m in my low heels and am heads above anyone!!! Stood on a packed out train for a while… When eventually we realise we are going in the wrong direction thankfully due to a Thai man very politely advising us and the best English we have heard yet !! We had to get off and get on another making a long journey. Got to where we wanted… Had some food and saw yet another market!! Still can’t find the alcohol so we give up and decide to head back… This time a tuk tuk would do… No more trains!! We popped by the tourist centre on the way home… They tried to hard sell but me n Nkosi aren’t buying it and they get very very annoyed… Nkosi now says upon reflection and seeing the hard sell at hand that maybe he wasn’t hard selling at all at phones 4u!!

Today’s lesson… Playing hide and seek with a tuk tuk is not easy nor fun!

Lesson no. 2… Don’t think you know what you’re doing when in a Thai train station




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