Bangkok: Riverside: A day of surprises! 10:09:14


This morning started off with the biggest surprise…my alarm! Body clock finally adjusted!
2nd surprise… I asked for my omlette to be fully cooked…and it was!
3rd surprise… Nkosi had noodles for breakfast
4th surprise… They were so hot they even made him have a hot flush and on the verge of spicey sweats!


After that we had a chilled day!…not much other than Nkosi being a tech expert!

I noticed a large ferris wheel not too far away so suggested we walk to that and see what is there.
5th surprise of the day… A HUGE market and bar area! All this time we haven’t been far from everywhere!  A lively place called Asiatique.  It has bars, restaurants, shopping, a games room and shows on as well as a large ferris wheel ride.


We listened to some live music…one bar playing what felt like Missy Elliot’s greatest hits and another some house music.  The drinks were not that cheap as a warning if visiting Asiatique! Average of 200 baht a cocktail.



As me and oranges don’t get along usually I struggle with cocktails.  However in one bar I did find an amazing one! Mind Messer…Vodka, Kalua and Sprite! A’roi (delicious!)

We had a fabulous time… Just what we needed and ended up getting rather tipsy!!!

We had some drinks in the bar Checkmate and Happy Fish. In Happy Fish I particularly liked the buzzers for service! See full review by Nkosi (click here)




We also learnt a bit of Thai from the bar staff! One girl we met in particular spkke amazing English and was great fun…even though it was her time to go home and we were last in the bar… She didn’t make us leave which was fabulous… Even though every table surrounding us was cleared!



We also learnt the Thai bow. Hands in prayer like position heart height means friend, hands at nose height in prayer like position for older people than you… Hands at forehead in prayer like position for Buddha. I did wonder if you take offence now if someone does it to me at nose height suggesting I’m older than them!

Any way all in all a good night a lovely surprise way to finish our time on the Riverside. Tomorrow is time for Koh San!

Lesson for the day… Walk more, ask more questions and you can find some little gems!!



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