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Born Free Hostel: Review

I was really looking forward to my first hostel experience! We had hoped to go to Nap Park Hostel which had been recommended. Unfortunately for us the hostel was fully booked. So we did some research and booked Born Free Hostel instead.

Hostel details:
Name: Born Free Hostel
Address: Samsen 6, Ban Phan Thom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Price per night: 239 baht per bed per night (c.£4.50)

It couldn’t have been nicer. Kevin, one of the owners made us feel very comfortable and even though we had arrived early he let us use the common living space and wifi while our bed was prepared.
Easy check in and great welcome.  By the way… Some hostels ask for your departure card….Nkosi threw his away! Its a piece of paper you get at the airport and the hostels take the information off it for their records (its to do with a law) so make sure you keep it!

Clean!! Very clean! Bedrooms have x3 bunks so 6 beds in a room. There are currently 2 floors with another being worked on. There is a roof Terrace too and a living space/shared common room.



Each dorm of 6 has 2 toilets and showers to share. They were clean although water was not hot.
You also don’t get a key to go in and out of hostel you have to buzz.

Provided were a dovet and pillow with each bed and each bed also had a wall lamp which was convenient.
I would say the mattress and pillow were extremely hard!! Like lying on a brick wall with a brick for a pillow.
Air conditioning also provided but turned off during the hours of 12pm and 2pm whilst cleaning.
You can also use lockers for valuables, either 200 baht to hire the key which you do get back or use your own lock.

Perfect location for if your wanting a visit to Khao San Road! Takes just 5 mins to walk.

I would stay here again everything was clean etc. The only thing I would say is that it lacks in atmosphere. There wasn’t the social element we had expected and I’m unsure if it because your not allowed alcohol in there so people didn’t meet up or whether we were just a bad day…anyway that’s no reflection of the hostel and their performance.

Well done Born Free … I’m ready and rearing for my next hostel now!!


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