Bye bye Bangkok: 12.09.14

So originally meant to be staying one more night in Bangkok, however woke up and decided I needed to move on and so did Nkosi! The constant approach, constant selling, tuk tuks and markets began to get a bit much.

We had a lazy day deciding what to do and then agreed to lose a nights stay at the hostel so we could say goodbye and move on to Chiang Mai.

We had a heavy night the day before so felt to move on while in high spirits! Plus we will be passing through many more times in the future!

Bangkok has really made me wonder… Is Thai Baht actually short for Thai Barter!! It seems you have to do that with everything!

Tip we had some lunch in Bangkok and twice in one meal we were attempted to be ripped off. Make sure you check your bill… Ours had 100 baht added to nkosis meal vs the menu price and when queried she changed it and then when we paid gave us 100 baht less in change which again we had to query. Be careful!

So onto Chiang Mai! Decided on a 2nd class sleeper train ticket to get there from Bangkok. It cost 1500 baht (£30) for 2 people for a bunker and air conditioning sleeper. Although it is 14 hours so a very long journey but apparently one of the comfier options rather than bus!


Had a meal whilst waiting for our train and we were served buy the oddest character! Good food but Nkosi felt slightly uncomfortable at the male waiter winking, flirting and speaking in the oddest high pitch voice ever at him throughout the meal with the tipping point being him putting on Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” as we exited the restaurant! I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of the two love birds but I did get a pic of my yummy food!


So we get on our sleeper train and its awkward! A couple who are married from Hong Kong tell us that they are wanting to sit seoarstly because the man had bitten the woman’s finger! I’m sat there opposite him thinking “please don’t bite mine” !! They also had a bit if an argument but thankfully made friends about 2 hours in to the journey. I felt I could now take my hands out of my pockets for less fear of losing a finger!

So yes… Currently on a single bunker … Nkosi is snoring very loudly down my ear as we decided to squidge on one and now I can’t get out to my own! 9 hours to go and we arrive in Chiang Mai!





PS putting jam on bread using fork is difficult!


Let you know how our first day goes!

Ps Happy Birthday to my girl Rhiannon Williams xxxx


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