Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai: Chill out 16:09:14

So today we decided to take a day off. We didn’t do too much other than walk alot!! Nkosi thought it would be wise to walk 5km to the bus station to get exactly the same information that the internet told us! Yes about 1km from an argument as you can imagine!
At night time I had the chance to try the local spirit… Hong tong!! Ermmm its OK its like whisky… Very strong! Great night out with sippy, jack and some others from our hostel!



I thought I would use this post to say I am already missing the home comforts! Going to buy face products for them to all contain whitening agents is quite not what I am looking for.
Not sure I will ever get used to walking into a toilet and seeking the squatting sights!!

Also sharing the toilet space with a gecko is still not the best for me when I hate reptiles and creepy crawlies!

Anyway not much interesting so I thought I’d also share the magic trick that Nkosi is very proud of being conned into buying when in Bangkok!… Maya and Gareth especially for you with love from Uncle Nkosi and Aunty Kym
Here goes…



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