Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai: Getting lost! 17:09:14

So today we missed our trip due to being hungover… whoops!!
Anyway we managed to reschedule to friday so was fine.
We used the day to go out and about and it results in an absolute mission! We got lost so many times that we had to get a tuk tuk home!
However not the usual tuk tuk as this man insisted in consentrating on the birds on his wheel rather than the road! Like singing to it and feeding it…. never mind the hooting owl in the cage hanging down too!!



It was rather un nerving!
Other than getting lost we got serious and made a full travel route and budget for the next 3 months… defo growing up!
My excel skills from work certainly came in handy!!
We also had some yummy street food when I came across this to remind me of home… sweet!

Big day tomorrow on a trek so early night… even though it didnt end up that way as got talking to loads of people at our hostel which was nice.
Anyway fill u in on my trekking tales tomorrow… peace and love xxx


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