Pai: Pai Love You! 20:09:14

So the day started with mini bus from chiang mai to Pai. We had heard loads about it so could not wait to get there!
The mini bus as usual was an hour late! And OMG the journey was literally one of the worst rides I have ever had! I siren went off every time we took a bend…which sounds OK but as it was bendy the whole way it was loud and stomach turning! I was on the verge of throwing up! We get to Pai and straight away love its vibe. More chilled and smaller. We were told about some bungalows to stay in bit it was bank holiday so they were shut. There were some by the river that were open though and so decided to stay there as it was too cute and still in budget!





Whilst walking around in search for accommodation we met Aviv a lady called Sonia. Aviv from LA and Sonia from New Zealand. They were so kind helping us find somewhere to stay. They offered to go to dinner together which we were all up for. Aviv knew a guy called Clayton who had moved from USA to Pai and therefore knew best food in town. Oh boyyyyy food was delish. Everyone shared everyone’s but I wasn’t in as a thought theirs would all be too spicey! Turns out I had buyers regret instantly! Food was A’roi!
We went home to get changed and met our next door neighbour! Hing out with some drink and he came out with us too! We them went to a few bars and had a real fun night drinking and dancing although we crashed and burnt by the end!




Another day other dollar tomorrow!


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