Pai: Feeling sorry for myself! 21:09:14

So today I woke up not feeling too great at all! Anyway I got up and on with the day!
We rented out a mop head for the first time. I saw Nkosi drive one previous so had confidence…mum don’t worry I’m wearing my crazy frog hat whilst riding! We decided to take a drive and stumbled over a waterfall where everyone was jumping in and swimming. We claimed to the top too and it was lovely!




Whilst there my tummy ache came on even worse! Got back to the hut and me and the toilet became best friends! (Sorry). I sat in the hut and felt sorry for myself all day. Nkosi was sweet and got me food and drinks in between football games!
Not much to report on as I was cooped up… But there was a snail in the bathroom which was minging and looked so odd! As well as that I been taking freezing cold showers for the last 24hours… Only to find there is a hot water switch! This hut is more advanced than I gave it credit for!

Also feeling a bit homesick as I missed my friends Kirsty and Kris getting married yesterday and wishing I could hear all the stories! Thinking of u all and congrats Mr and Mrs dunleavy! One thing which did cheer up my day was a Skype sesh with Nyree and Lauren! Even if I did have to sit in the middle of a road with a load of dogs and a thai woman gegging in to wave hello! Much love xxx


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