Pai: Sunset surrounding! 22:09:14

So woke up still not feeling great so went to a Thai pharmancy and got given some tablets for a water infection. A 4 day course of antibiotics! 2 hours later I’m feeling so much better already! We spent the day walking around checking places out etc and extending the bike hire. I also wanted to cheer myself up a bit so got out a gift I received from home before I left off my friends mum; Pauline. So thoughtful and so I spent an hour painting my nails with a taste of Chanel luxury in my hut!


Sun sets in Pai at 6.30 so decided to ride up to the top of a mountain known as sunset mountain to have a view. The day was rather cloudy so was not sure how spectacular it would be. We got there and you can walk all the way around a cliff edge! Its fabulous!





After that we went out for some for food and drinks with Aviv and 3 more Americans we met next door to us (Thomas, tanisha and Natalie).  We ended up getting some pizza and going to a little live music bar which had an open mic night! Can u believe this Avkv was on the guitar and Nkosi mumoed on the kic and started free styling and full on singing!! I’ll be taking him the kareoke more often he was really good and so was Aviv at playing! Fun night… Off to the caves tomorrow!





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  1. Be careful with those rocks when jumping in! Your spellings getting worse (very mum comment) love you both – envious of those waterfalls and sunsets – 2 of my favourite things – plus elephants – I should have tried Thailand a ling time ago!! xxxxxxxx


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