Pai: Hot Springs; Big Buddha 24:09:14

Up bright and early to catch breakfast with the gang! We found a sweet little coffee shop just the other side of the bridge from where we are staying in Pai. Coffee was good… Food was average…Company was great! We decided to head to the natural hot springs rather than the hotel option even though it would have been cheaper. Myself, Nkosi, Natalie and Thomas headed off to find them. It was pretty easy actually! I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought maybe a stream with warm water rather than the usual cold water. Oh boy was I in for a treat! It was lots of little natural pools and the higher you got…the hotter the water! At the top the water was 80°C! (You weren’t allowed in that one obviously otherwise you would burn!).


We opted to try and get a spring! It was soooo warm…like a really hot bath! It was 36°C! Once in the water it was gorgeous, skin felt so soft and amazing! It was so charming and relaxing…plus quite romantic!


We then headed to the top and bought some eggs from the local shop to boil! One pool was dedicated to egg boiling! Natalie’s egg was unfortunately a casualty before we even started! Some time after…nkosis also dropped too! All hopes lay with Thomas and I…no pressure!



Thomas opened his too quickly…so it just left me to carefully peel mine! Mine worked!! And Thomas ate it on my behalf! (He got so hungry at some points throughout boiling his egg that he started doing star wars impressions…I’m learning quickly that he is always hungry!)


Afterwards on our way home we drove past the big white Buddha and decided to check it out! We got Thomas some pad Thai whilst the rest of us sized up the amount of effort climbing the stairs was going to be! Half way up we were wondering if it was worth it… Steep, hot and so open and exposed to the sun!


It was defo worth it the view was spectacular and the sheer size of the Buddha was so impressive! Plus no one else was there so got some fab pics!


The view it gave was also amazing!! Pai…I love this town!! After wards we got home and I realised just how much of a human lobster I had turned into! The only day I forgot the wear my miracle cream off my friend Lindsey from home as a gift before leaving. Its been a little life saver with SPF in it too… And forgot to put it on this one day!


Anyway just home in time before a huge rain shower took over!! Nkosi took it literally and took a shower in the shower!


With the rain falling and not much else to be able to do… Hong Tong and drinking games commenced! Lots of laughs and I kept getting the highest cards…watch out Vegas!


After a few drinks… Some food for Thomas…and probably enough for Natalie and tanisha (finding out Natalie especially can’t drink much…typical Americans! haha) we went out and had a good night!! Nkosi even secured a set at one of the busiest bars tomorrow night!


Had a really good time and looking forward to spending the next few weeks with our new friends! Much love! Xx


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