Pai: Mosquito Woes and a DJ premier! 25:09:14

Woke up this morning with a big hangover! Only one thing would sort this bad boy out…food!

Unfortunately Pai did not agree and therefore just as I was ready to go out and get some it started raining very heavily!! We had to sit it out for a while which made me the best company ever! Not! We finally got to leave and it was worth the wait! We went to a little cafe run by an English and Thai Man. It was so tasty! Yum yum!

After this food coma took over and a film session was called for. We chilled out and watched a random Kevin Bacon film, not sure what it was called!

I made lots of friends with Mosquitos and Thomas ate more food (running joke this now!) … I’m sure you can guess who was happier out of the two of us!

Later that evening, Nkosi had a DJ set arranged at a quirky bar and one of the busiest in Pai! I went to support him and he did a really good job. I must admit #proudgirlfriend moment when everyone is saying how good the music is and the bar quickly filled up!

Our American buddies popped in too and watching them play table soccer and getting competitive was very funny!

All in all great night. Great to see Nkosi make it first DJ premier whilst on our travels even if it did mean I was stuck with some old man where the language barrier resulted in me speaking YET AGAIN as if I am foreign myself! I met a guy the other day who I thought I heard him say was from Spain… I did my weird change my English to broken to try and speak slower and afterwards he asked me where I was from…I say England…he’s like “why you talking like that then…I’m from York!” Whoops!

Back to Chiang Mai tomorrow so we can start heading to the boarder. Had no drinks as I’m already nervous about the dreaded windy roads and notorious travel sick route!

Time to pack up again…however; to all my experienced traveller buddies who told me not to pack heels… FYI they were binned week 2!!! Oh well you have to learn these things yourself… So please no “I told you so”! Kerrie studholme…I’m talking to you!

I’d like to dedicate this post to my wonderful parents! Thank you for making me so amazingly irresistible to every mosquito on the plant and especially in South East Asia! Every time I scratch it reminds me of you! I really couldn’t be happier walking around scratching like a dog with fleas!

Much love


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