Chiang Mai

Bye bye Pai…Hello again Chiang Rai!; 3D art and Ladyboys 26:09:14

Today was the day we decided to try and make headway towards Laos.  To get there it meant we would have to go back to Chiang Mai and from there then head to the boarder to get on the slow boat (3 days).  I was not particularly looking forward to the bus ride back as on the way I had struggled with sickness and the route is renowned for someone being sick.  It is literally 3 hours of windy roads.  Therefore we started off the day on a positive note…a nice latte and a big breakfast to put us on. I chose omelette and I’m slowly realising that this is a safe bet for me!  It always comes cooked well and tastes good as well as keeping me going for the rest of the day.

I also woke up to a lovely surprise…than even with my mosquito net…they can still find me!  I am in loads of discomfort with the bites all up the back of my legs.  I have deet spray and after bite care which relieves the itching momentarily and then it returns…anyway less moaning from me, there are people with much bigger problems!  I just need to make sure in Laos i keep on top of my malaria as seeing as I am so attracted by them, I wouldn’t want to get into any trouble.

Good news too…Nkosi binned his smelly Toms! Yipppeeee…they absolutely reeked!


We are continuing our journey to Laos with our friends from LA; Natalie, Thomas and Tanisha.  We have had fun the past week and as we are all heading in the same direction, it makes sense plus provides us some entertainment along the way!  They are getting used to our slang words and phrases and our american accents are coming on pretty sweetly!  We all get on too which is faberoo and i can have some girly time and chats which is perfect!

So we get on the bus… and I feel instant anxiety… thankfully I had Bella and Edward (Twilight) to take my mind off it a little, so watched that on my iPad.  Half way point we stop off to get rest bite. Nkosi chooses seaweed flavour crisps (he obvious doesn’t have a dodgy tummy) and the smell made me a little nauseous!  Thankfully Tanisha bought some pills to prevent travel sickness (we don’t know what they were but any thing was worth a try)! They worked a treat and we were in Chiang Rai just as Edward and Bella had a future life as vampires together!  Typical Nkosi managed to fall asleep…AGAIN…on the road known notoriously for its windiness…don’t know how he does it!

When we got to Chiang Rai we stopped at the Chiang Rai House.  Decent price at 250baht for a room (about 5 pounds a night) with which we had our own room and bathroom plus really good WIFI! yippee!

I had envy over Natalie and Thomas’ trip to the Art in Paradise museum.  A 3D art museum which they visited on their journey in Chiang Mai.  That is one of the best things about travels, you share experiences and find the hidden gems from one another.  Myself and Nkosi headed there…by foot, ignoring the countless tuk tuks beeping at us for a ride!

The Art in Paradise museum was 300baht each, and for me, worth every penny.  I love things where its interactive and you can be a part of.  We had lots of fun… here are some of our snaps…





I have loads of pics…these are just the select few  as i didn’t want to bore you!

Afterwards we decided to go out for a fancy meal, which we hadn’t done much of since arriving.  I love fish, especially when fresh, and we found a restaurant called Ping ping inn the Night Bazaar which had fresh fish and lobster literally in the tanks it was that fresh.  It was  much pricier than usual, but figured its nice to have a treat.

I have never been more disappointed!  Now i am going to sound like i am moaning right now, but 3 weeks into time in Thailand we have eaten out every day and we are used to the fact that its not going to happen that we will actually eat a meal together. One usually comes out just as the other has finished eating and this generally is due to the fact they use one wok for cooking.  I am ok with this as its just different.  However, knowing this, we therefore ordered a fish to share, thinking that this way the fish would come out and we could eat together.  Nope this didn’t work either.  Our rice and sides were bought out 20 mins before the fish so were cold and half picked at by the tim the fish arrived.  The fish itself was rather bland and i was so annoyed at everything that i didn’t eat it.  Nkosi ate the whole fish, just showing really it wasn’t a meal for 2 anyway.  It was really annoying and had to order in kilos so we had no idea how much food or cost was.  The bill came and for our most expensive meal to date it was most disappointing.

Anyway, after that, and to lighten spirits, we went to the famous Ladyboy Chiang Mai Cabaret Show.  It was entertaining and educational!  The drinks were double the price they should be as the show was free, so it compensated for that.  Tip…don’t get a selfie with a ladyboy..they expect money for every pic!  I saw some dodgy action happening behind me with 2 men and a ladyboy…less i know or understand about that the better!  It was fun, nkosi got kissed on the cheek which he was gutted about!  Tip though…tip tip tip! They expect tips for drinks, pics or even receiving a compliment!  After getting charged for  pics i couldn’t be bothered asking after that..therefore see below my limited selection.  Glad we went and as a group it was a laugh and experience to have done. PS if you do go…..and you don’t want to ed up on stage being stripped and groped by a lady boy, then don’t sit on the front row!


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