South East Asia

Huay Xai; Broken down bus probs 29:09:14

We woke up in the morning after a glorious sleep in Happinest.  Thank you!  

 We then went the local bus stop and hopped on a local bus.  Erm…unique air conditioning (fans and open doors whilst driving) and the only foreginers on it.  The journey was absolutly fine though!  Very erect seats.. who needs reclining… and a stop off the change the baldest tyre ever!  Other than that 3 hours later we were at Chiang Khong.


 We had the biggest storm to drive through too and when we got to Chiang Khong it was torrential.  We then had to get a tuk tuk to the boarder. 

Passports stamped, a telling off for Nkosi for loosing his departure card and across Friendship Bridge, we had made it to Laos.  A quick test for Ebola and our visa forms handed in, we can pass through into Laos. 

We got in a tuk tuk and got taken to Huay Xai a small town on the border of Laos.  There is not much there other than the original flight of the gibbons, which me and Nkosi decided to pass on.

The views were lovely… Got our money changed to kip and became instant millionaires… £1million kip is about £76!

We also went for a meal on the river and everyone enjoyed theirs apart from me! 

At night was a night market and gambling Bazzar where all the locals placed bets on shooting and balloons and darts on a board. It was really sweet!

Any way, sandwhiches ordered for the boat, and early night as up early to catch this 2 day boat!!!! 







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