Our Journey South East Asia

Huay Xai to Luang Prabang; Boat fun and Puppy love 30:09:14 and 01:10:14

So up bright and early for this boat journey that I have not been convinced about throughout our whole trip so far!Got our tickets early and first on the boat so some of the better seats. 

Instantly from taking off, I knew this would be a journey to remember… For the good the bad and even the sad! The views were absolutely stunning and sitting at the front meant we were not impacted by the engine noise. Everyone was in high spirits and lots of laughs and banter flying around the boat. Surrounded by blue sky and jungles…. A pretty unique way to travel, and might I add my fave so far. Christina, a girl from Manchester who I met in Pai also met us, and a couple from Brighton; Tasha and Andrew who have been travelling a year also sat near us on the boat. We all got on really well and all was good.


During the boat trip you stop at random places along the way in the jungle to let locals get on and off. Looking at some of the places we stopped at, it was hard to imagine people living there it was so rural and deep into jungle. Saw some amazing sights along the way including monkeys chilling on trees, wild buffalos and boars.


One stop in particular tainted the journey, for I think most people on our boat that day. A woman got on the boat with a small. Hold and a puppy. Walking down the steps to get onto the boat all you could hear from the boat was gasps of shock as this lady walked down the steps and hung the dog upon its lead so he was crying in distress. Now I stand on my dog at home sometimes by mistake when he’s under my feet and he lets out a cry, and this dog was constantly making this sound from the top of the stairs to the boat.

What happened next. Will stay with me forever.

The woman opened a sack, and forced the puppy into it. All of the other travellers on the boat gasped, some cried and some justified as a culture difference. Everyone has an opinion, but when your used to dogs being pets usually in every day life, to them see what you would know as animal cruelty happen in front of you it’s shocking. None of the locals battered an eye lid. 

After a struggle forcing this puppy into a sack, the sack was then knotted in a double knot and then kicked under a seat… For 7 hours in heat exceeding 35 degrees.

My friend Christina asked if she could buy the puppy or take him out of the sack and the woman said no. There was nothing any of us could really so… Except keep watching the bag and praying for movement. 

When we arrived in Pak Beng after a day of travelling we got off in a little village. The fate of the dog, I will never know. 

We stayed in a guest house for the night and went for the most incredible Indian restaurant.  Sorry I only got an after picture and the food was too yummy. Whoops.


We played cards and the town closed at 10pm so it was early doors for us.

Day 2 of the boat  trip was pretty much the same.  Lots of pretty views and scenery and lucky this time no animal stories.  

As i know how much you love a Nkosi selfie (Maya this is for you… aunty Kym woke up uncle Nkosi again taking a selfie!!!!!)


After 8 hours on the boat on day 2 we finally arrive to the con of the tuk tuk challenge.  Basically the boat dropped us off at the stop before the port to make us pay for a tuk tuk.  Oh well cant blame them for trying to make the extra cash.  Ended up finding a guesthouse to home us all in one place and our own private rooms between the couples.  Very tired, day 2 on the boat was a little more tiring than expected so early night.


Ps this post is for the little puppy, and whatever you fate, hope you are at peace!



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