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Vang Vieng; Drinking, Dancing and none stop Party 06:10:14 to 10:10:14

So all I heard of Vang Vieng was tubing tubing tubing…spinned with the negative of…”it’s not as good as it used to be”.  Well, I can’t comment if it is as good or not. However the town still screams PARTY.  From the moment we pulled up, we chose to stay at Johnny’s Guest House.  What a welcome we got! Johnny greeted us with tunes blasting and sorted us out a private room for 20,000 kip a night each.  It had the essentials we needed, but the atmosphere was the best part of the place. Great communal space with a fab host.  The whole 5 days was a bit of a blur really… Blaming the alcohol! Most bars offer free drinks for an hours and everyone there was there to party.  3 hours into turning up, Nkosi secured a spot at club 101 to DJ so he was happy too. 

Vang Vieng mostly included free alcohol and partying… Here are some snaps from those (un)memorable nights…with our friends we have made along the way so far!

Vang Vieng… Tubing!

So we went tubing as our group still from Luang Prabang with Janine and Dell also joining us, who we met in Huay Xai when we crossed the Laos border and bumped into again. 

It was good to go in a big group. We turned up and the party was going offfffff at the first bar. Dancing and drinking, including shotguns. (Putting a hole in the base of a can and downing it in one).  There were 3 bars open for tubing. Yes there used to be hundreds, but 3 was fine, it just meant each one was busy.  It’s harder than it looks grabbing the rope thrown out to you and getting pulled in.  I did miss one so had to get out and run back.

Still a really fun day and would still recommend to go tubing!

I couldn’t take any pics as I didn’t want to ruin my camera, even in a waterproof pouch!


Vang Vieng Boat Racing Festival

So we heard that tubing was off for one day due to a boat racing festival, which on the tin, didn’t not sound so appealing.  However we figured if tubing is of then it must be a pretty major deal!

We headed to the river where we saw lots of Lao people cheering.  The other side of the river looked more eventful, so we paid to boat across the other side. One of the best 30p I have ever spent! Hundreds of Laos people cheering on the teams they wanted to win, girls races and boys races. There was lots of food to try, and mostly beer to drink!  Two random Laos men took us over to their table and we all put in for a crate. I was feeling tender from the previous night, but I decided to soldier on! As soon as a sip was taken, they we’re filling our cups, before we knew it, 2 crates down! There was so much dancing and singing and atmosphere, it was a brilliant day.  



That night we went back to Johnny’s Hostel and candles were lit all around it as an offering to Buddha. It was so lovely to be a part of the full day, and we really enjoyed it thoroughly.  Well done Laos, you really know how to throw a good party.


Johnny’s birthday

 Whilst staying in Johnny’s guesthouse we discovered that it was his birthday and he was putting on a free BBQ and party with us all staying there.  Nkosi was asked to asked to DJ too. The huge speakers turned up and everyone was prepping for the party.  All day Nkosi went across people he knew asking to recorded a birthday message to Johnny, he then made it into a special song for him. Possibly one of the nicest birthday gifts ever.  Nkosi premiered it that night when he played and Johnny loved it and so did everyone. It was like a real family  feeling that night, and then of course we headed out to continue the party!

Check out the song here… Pretty cool birthday gift! https://soundcloud.com/kosemixman/jonnys-birthday-song



Dj Kose in Bang Vieng

So I must say. My fiancé did a pretty good job of keeping the party in until late whilst in vang Vieng.  He secured 3 nights at club 101  and they where some of my fave nights ever, top tunes, dancing all night and great company! All our friends we made since travelling turned out to support him, it was super cute and on the last night even made me a bite emosh (I was drunk though).  He also Dj at the jungle party too, it’s good to see him doing what he set out and and achieve what he wanted to do when we left on this journey.


Vanguard Vieng, would I go back? Probably not, it is 24 hours constant party.  It was nice for a break from towns and cities which are much quieter but for the party scene I do prefer beaches and open spaces.  The people where really nice, I would suggest some people have been there too long and it’s time for them to get out, given some of the random conversations and behaviour I whit messed.  Glad I have done to though and if your going through Laos, you can’t miss this town!  Also… johnny made this stay memorable, I would highly reccomend to stay with him.

I also had to say goodbye to my little friend freckles… He was too cute!

Booked a bus to the capital of Laos tomorrow to Vientiane … Hopefully better than the last one, wish me luck x


Kym and Nkosi xx


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