Our Journey

4000 Islands; Been there DON DET 13:10:14 to 16:10:14

There is a completely different atmosphere in Don Det, versus anywhere else we have been.  It’s really hard to explain, but I’ll try.  Rather than selling to you, you have to wake the shop owners to be served. It’s hard to distinguish if your presence there is a hindrance or highly annoying. 


We were staying on the sunset side of the island, but there was also a sun rise side.  The atmosphere is just one of complete relaxation, providing you with energy to do those things you keep saying you are going to do.  It’s a beautiful thing.

One morning I woke up, went for a run with Tasha, did an abs session on the balcony looking out at loads of Islands and the most breathtaking views.  That day we also hired a bike. Now I haven’t ridden a bike in probably 10 years, but as they say… you never forget! Well you might not forget, but when your wobbling everywhere and getting overtaken by 8 year old riding faster than you, it’s pretty embarrassing!  After a few hours riding and seeing some beautiful sights and riding over bumpy terrain, my bottom could take no more.  But for 80p I had ridden across the whole island and seen some lovely things. 

The evenings were all about hardcore chilling, music on, watching the sun set with beers in hand, perfect! Maya, Unfortunately there is no sleepy selfie from this trip…although uncle Nkosi did break a hammock…twice!! Hehe. 



Sunset bungalows is where we are staying…and sunset is what we got!

Eating, relaxing and watching movies, pretty much sums up our time in Don Det, with a lot of time at Adams Bar.  

The big trip we did whilst in Don Det, was one that I had really wanted to do, and that was kayaking to Cambodia to see the dolphins.  

We booked it, and as a four looked forward to our day consisting of breakfast, lunch, 2 waterfalls and dolphins. Perfect hey! 

With amazing people and a full day day out planned achieving my dreams, I was so excited.  We got our kayaks, and after a lot of disorganisation by losing some kayaks half way down the river and 2 French people capsizing minutes in, we were finally en route.  Now let me tell you….buying a house or having a baby are apparently some of the most stressful things a couple go through apparently….well I think kayaking should be added to the top of this list.  I forgot, somehow it slipped my mind that Nkosi once was in the England squad for kayaking (not) so was an absolute pro, telling me I’m not doing it properly etc! I’ll just let you imagine. Anyway, determined to keep being at the front, even though on numerous occasions I did explain it was not a race and there was no medal at the end, me and Nkosi kayaked hard to lead the pack. Nkosi, it be fair was proper going for it, and to be fair so was I after being to to do so, but boy my arms ached.  We got to a waterfall and walked to get to it.  I thought that was the end of kayaking, but it turned out it had only just begun.

We then continued to kayak for eager felt like forever, until we finally saw Cambodia! I don’t know what happened but I was suddenly over come with motion sickness! I starred being sick and panicking that I knew there was still hours left on the trip.  The man offered to take me back to Laos on a boat so I could go home. Heartbreakingly I agreed and missed my dream dolphin spotting opportunity.  Saying goodbyes, I was then out on a boat (which would not start until 50 a tremors) and driven across to the main land.  There I was greeted by what looked like a 13 year old boy who was to be my motorbike taxi. Great, I’m double his height and size. 

After asking him to stop several times to be sick, we are nearly home when we came across a road filled with cows. At this point I had no concerns, of course he will just drive around them… Ohhhhh no, not me and my experienced 13 year old driver, nope we just plunge straight into them, with the boy assuming they would get out his way. Not being funny, but I haven’t really ever seen cows move fast, never mind run out the way, so unless Laos cows have some unique different super gene for cows, I’m still questioning why on earth one would assume that.  


The bike was ok and luckily apart from a bruise on my knew so were my and the bit.  Could have been worse…. Luckily I was wearing my crazy frog hat! And for all those animal lovers…. The cow was completely under hurt and continued eating in the middle if the road.  The boy, did he apologise, no, he just laughed, maybe at some crazy blonde woman having a massive rant at him about road safety in another language was eat he found amusing.  

Safely home, I continue my travel sickness problem while Nkosi continued on the trip. He said it was fun, but hard work, and missed me, which was sweet. (Not sure why, because It won’t have been my Olympic level of kayaking or nagging) 

On our final night in Don Det before we left for Cambodia, myself and Nkosi enjoyed the company of TNT and Andrew and Tasha.  We had arranged to meet up in Cambodia, but you never know what may happen.  It was a great meal and fun times with our fab friends who have been a big part of our travels so far.  Thomas… I’m still cracking up at your immigration probs #other!

So off to Cambodia next, heard its a long journey but to just get through it…. Although seriously… I wasn’t expecting it to be as hard as it was!


Love to you all reading these posts and following our journey, we miss you all


Kym and nkosi


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