Our Journey

Phnom Penh; A day to remember 18;10:14

So there was one aim of being in Phnom Penh….to understand what the people of Cambodia went through less than 40 years ago under the influence of Pol Pot, the leader of the Khmer Rouge.  The ruling party in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.  Emotional does not describe this day with a visit to the killing fields and s21.  Lead by an audio guide the people of Cambodia have created a place and experience to be able to go to and display what terrors occurred in a respectful way.  No gadgets and souvenirs or money making scams here… The story told with the wanting to get the full story across in a respectful way.  

I have two minds to share these images. Warning. May be upsetting to many.

I have decided to share them because this is my diary and I am fortunate to have been able to experience this haunting place and have the smallest understanding of just what The people of Cambodia have been through.  I don’t feel I could do it any justice explaining the killing fields, the words on our audio tape are too hard to fully explain in recited writing.  The pictures I have are just a glimpse of insight.  The experience at S21 bought the whole scenario into even more realisation.  S21 (security office 21) is an old converted school which was used during the ….For the full story and to read more visit…www.killingfieldsmuseum.com





We stayed at a fab hostel called lovely Jubbly in Phnom Penh and indeed it lived up to the name. Service with a smile and nothing is too much. Never have i stayed somewhere with such friendly staff and atmosphere.  After a heavy day it was a haven to relax in, with fab food, great people and the best room I have stayed in for a long long time.  The information they give you just highlights their service and the cocktails were Devine.

To top it all the internet was the best in a long time, allowing family time on Skype with friends and family.  And today the 18th october, our niece Maya was 5 so we got yo wish her a happy birthday. 


Tomorrow we move to the beach…. Show me the sun !

Love Kym and Nkosi xxxx