Sihanoukville; Say What!?! 19:10:14 to 21:10:14

We left Phnom Penh to head to Sihanoukville for some party times and beaches.  I still have no idea how t pronounce this place properly, so I called it Snookyville the whole time.  Not really knowing much about this place other than it was in the South and had beaches, we headed there.  We took a local bus, with Caroline and Jen our little scouse buddies still in on board.  It took about 5 hours (not the 3 advertised) but Chanum Tatum and 22 jump street got us through it in no time, along with some generous treats from Caroline in the form of Twixes and Oreas (#healthy).  Of course…. The inevitable happened…Nkosi fell asleep! 

Caroline and jen (for you to put a face to these two beauties)

We turn up in Snookyville with no accomodation and in the pouring rain.  So we grab the nearest hostel and share a 4 bed dorm at a place called Monkey Republic.  It was a really cool place for drinking and partying, although the rooms left much to be desired with cockroach infestation and the most minging smell ever, not to mention the bathroom, eeewwwwww! Anyway, not one to complain much, haha, we crack on, and a chilled out night resulted in wayyyyyyy to many shots and drinking games.  Sorry Jen, I have to mention this, but Jens beautifully handmade play suit didn’t even make it out that night after being sick on herself before we even left for the night out! Haha.  Soz mate, not your fault, it was the whiskey! 

Drinking games and fun times, for pre drinking in the hostel. Nkosi was on a roll with his camera…so giving him credit for these beauties! Haha.


For some unknown reason I decided to do the most random pose. Yep beer does not agree with me.



I would love to know what Nkosi said to get this picture!



Basically yes fun times all round.



Great selfie Kose

After wards we headed to the beach where the clubs where.  Strange. Seedy. Loud. Funny. All words I could use to sum up this experience.  From prostitutes, greying men over 60, people who have generally just lost the plot…and the smallest man we have ever met, of whom Jen felt the need to pick up and spin around…weeeeeeeee! To say the least, he was not impressed.  


We danced a lot, and got photo bombed, ALOT. Like seriously, who is this girl?! What a funny face to pull! Haha. There are too many elements of this picture that I love.


By the end of the night, Jen had projectile vomited again, and I felt the need to do Russian poses in front of a bonfire.  Gosh, who knows what everyone was thinking, probably that I was one of those people in the “lost the plot” categorisation, which to be fair, the amount I consumed, I had!  



Nkosi had fun jumping on the decks and the mic, getting asked to go back the next night…. Which I knew would mean that me and seedy Snookyville street would meet again! 

The next day was hangover haven and cockroach infestation, to the point I was going mad.  The scousers were hung over too so me and Nkosi decided that to it was just going to be a chilled one….until… Brooke and Tina appeared!  We met these two lovely ladies in our hostel and somehow they convinced me that going out was going to be a good idea, along with getting a tower of beer and playing ring of fire.  Pretty happy as I now have all the rules! Thanks Brooke! Another great night on the town, and nice to have some company as Nkosi took over the stage in JJs night club, creating a fab atmosphere, some major groupies and some fab partying! 



Ps poor Jen was stressing at having no phone so was buzzing for her when she was finally connected to the world again!

Day 3… Can I take any more? Of course I can with the arrival of Tasha and Andrew.  We moved out of the Monkey hostel and moved into a sweet bungalow. It was like heaven.  I spent the day in bed watching national geographic and a documentary on the liquid plot and snakes.  I thought I was going dillusional! We said goodbye to Jen and Caroline and would meet them the following day in Koh Rong, but for now we had the joy of showing Tasha and Andrew what seedy street in Snookyville was all about. A few bottles of whiskey smashed and we headed down to meet Nkosi who was already djing in the club.  

On the way I needed the toilet and stopped of as previously done, in the first club on the street.  Let me tell you, the stench was sooooo bad, it actually made me vomit! Before we even got out, and this was due to the smell, not the whiskey! Great.  Headed to the club and raved it up with all of the people there.  It was a great laugh. Nkosi raving up again….for the final time!


So I’m going to go a little bit now, but I need to write this as I’m writing these posts as my true feelings and lessons learnt.  

I met a camobodian woman on one of our nights out, and it has probably taught me one of my most valuable lessons so far.  She was a really nice woman, who had married a man from Leicester.  She spoke great English, and we got on really well.  At one point in the night she took me to one side and asked if she could tell me something.  Intreguied, and wondering what this lady would want to tell me, I agree and we leave the beach and sit on some steps outside the club.  

Intrigued?…. So was I! 

The woman said she wanted to tell me how beautiful I was! I have never felt like blushing so much in my life. She then highlighted why.  

My long face (I’m like oh great, I hate my long face it’s like my worst feature), she explains she has never really seen many people with a long face, mostly round faces where she lives.  I’m surprised.

She continues.

She then points out my pointy nose (I’m like seriously, I hate my pointy nose! Anyone who knows me at home will know how much I go on about it to the point where I was considering a nose job) , she explains she never really sees a pointy nose and she usually sees flatter rounder noses.  Again I think about this. And I’m surprised.

She’s continues, I’m thinking 2 out of 2 so far on my least fave features, can’t be any more, but she does it again,

“Your big big blue eyes” so wide and blue… I’m thinking ok ok, I have boggle eyes and they have bags under them, this is mad.  She says she never really sees anyone with blue eyes and especially as big as mine.

With no where else to go, I thank her and blush, but she has yet one more complineemit for me….I love the size of your hips, haahahaha! Ok four out of 4 of things I would say I don’t like about myself, and yet this lady has taken the time out of her night to come and pull them out and emphasise them to me. 

Flattered, I thank her and wish her a good night.  However her comments resinate with me.  She thinks all these things are attractive and yet I have such a problems with some of them in my confidence.  Don’t get me wrong I am a confident personality, but looks wise, I am always trying to enhance, loose weight, cover my bags with make up and at one point tried, but unsuccessfully to put weight on (just my face) to make it rounder, yes yes it didn’t work. She didn’t have to tell me these things, but she did.  It made me think complexity different. I am me, I am unique and to appreciate what you have, as the definition of beauty does not exist. 

On another note, I am super proud of my fiancé, living his dreams and getting out there and doing what he loves the most.  The support of the people we have met along the way has been awesome, and I can only thank them from the bottom of my heart for that.  From the clubs, to fellow travellers, Nkosi has a musical gift, and seeing him suceeding and buzzing from all the support is one of the most graifying things on this trip.  From years of working hard of his dreams, he’s making them happen, and with his ambition, charisma and support of our friends and family along the way, I know it won’t be long until DJ Kose, La Creme and Fat Cats are names in lights.  

Tomorrow we head to the island of Koh Rong …. Very exciting!


Love to all


Kym and Nkosi 



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