Koh Rong; Where nothing can go wrong! 22:10:14 to 27:10:14

After 3 heavy nighs a row in snookyville, it’s an early start to catch the boat over to the island of Koh Rong.  Unfortunately not all things go to plan, and this was one of those scenarios.  Getting to the boat port, we found out all boats are fully booked until 3pm.  Oh great, we didn’t need to check out so early and I could have spent more of my day watching adverts selling products which claim to make you 5cm taller in seconds!

Seriously! Anyway we hang around a while, crashing where we can, and give him his due, Nkosi got me, so I have to publish this, he managed to get me in a sleepy selfie.  Although to be fair I had been partying for the previous 3 days.


We go for what can only be described as the worst breakfast yet.  When you can count the beans on your plate and “2 sausages” is actually one hotdog …which is technically not a sausage, cut in half to make it 2 pieces.  The toast had barley touched a toaster.  I was meant to get 2 eggs, but I got one.  And to top it of, the only bit which was actually ok was the bacon, which I do not eat. I did try and complain, but got me nowhere, didn’t really expect it to. To be fair, that’s what you get ordering an all day breakfast when it’s not the traditional Khmer food.  

Afterwards we went to a cinema room and watched films on a big bed whilst getting bitten my Mosquitos and snoozing.  Finally time to get on the boat, we are rather surprised by the swankiness of this boat.  

It was a fancy boat. Like. Seriously a lot fancier than I expected.  An hour journey, taking in the view and we arrive on Koh Rong, and I have never seen sights quite like it.

Unable to book accommodation online, we book a place called treehouse for 2 nights.  At 30 dollars for the 4 of us it was on the expensive side but at least had somewhere to put our heads down for a few nights.  We got there and walked along the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen to get to our accommodation. 

Basic didn’t really cover the treehouse. Number 1, it wasn’t a tree house it was a straw bungalow. The shower was ice cold and limited to a minute, our mosquito nets had holes in them and the toilet was a bucket flush.  Oh well 2 nights and we could move onto somewhere else.  The electricity was only active for 3 hours a day too! 

This picture doesn’t do justice as to how low the toilet seat was lol

On koh Rong there are no roads or modes of transport other than boats or kayaks.  It’s so blissful to not hear rather roaring of a motorbike or asked for a tuk tuk every two minutes.  However the chickens make up for the peacefulness, clucking and cockadoodlding from 5am every morning. 

We spent the first day exploring and found a deserted beach.  It was stunning.  Having not been in the sea for years due to a phobia, I conquered it immediately.  The sea being so blue there was no way I could resist! It was fabulous.   To get to it we had to walk through a jungle and came a across a water buffalo randomly chilling.  We ran away scared lol, Nkosi even pushed me out out the way to ensure he wasn’t charged at…. Thanks! 


Seeing as it was our first night back in the fabulous company of Jen and Caroline as well as Andrew and Tasha, it called for a night out! A BBQ for dinner for 5 dollars a huge piece of meat of choice, garlic bread and salad, it doesn’t get much better! I would recommend the. Island Boys BBQ as we tried a few and this was our favourite! 

Sorry I forgot to take a picture as I ate it every time before I remembered, sorry! 

We then headed out, drinks in tact and the boys where on the shot guns.  We also met Jen, Steve and Guidian from Phenom Phen too.  Under the influence of alcohol we arranged a boat trip for the following day. 

Lots of drinking and fun was had and had a great night. 

At 2am in the island all of the electricity is turned off so the island goes into black out, apart from one bar, mangos, which uses battery operated lights.  We decided to cal it a night a this point, and instead decided to go. Into the sea and find the plankton.  It was incredible, all of the plankton around us felt like glitter! I couldn’t take pics as it has to be dark, but I’ll just tell you, one of the best things ever, it was surreal.  Under the influence of alcohol, climbing off boats and leaving our clothes on the beach, I was scared someone was going to do a runner with them, especially my dress as lots of people complimented it that night! Haha, thankfully they didn’t! 

Somehow, under our alcoholic influence, we managed to arrange a boat trip for the following day with the same group of people sane previous night.  Arranging to meet at 11am the next day.  Somehow we all made it! I don’t think any one would regret getting up for it either, as I have to say it was one of my most fun days yet.  We hired a boat and captain for the day.  I would highly recommend Vagabonds boat, with captain black. He was great.  We bought 3 crates of beers and a bottle of the local whiskey for the day and climbed on board the boat.  For the full day, including alcohol it worked out at 13 dollars each. Not sure where else you can get such a fun filled day for that price! 

We got dropped to a little island to go snorkelling.  Everyone jumped in, but I had trouble even getting the mask on. Not made for my nose obviously!  I watch everyone snorkel but I’m not sure if this is just a step too far.  I jump in anyway and try, when Caroline suddenly shouts she felt a fish, panic attack mode, I swam back to the boat as if I was swimming for my life, and I get back on the boat.  captain black asks my why I’m not joining in and I explain about the sea and fish phobia.  He then promised me there was no fish and swam back over with me.  On the little island was a temple and lots of coral.  I didn’t snorkel but everyone else did. However after being lied to by the captain, I actually did make it over to the island.  There were fish, even though I was told there was not! 

After our snorkel adventure, we then headed out further for a spot of fishing.  We were told this was going to be our tea for the night.  After 2 minutes(literally) Guidian gave up and took on the job of boat DJ instead, whilst Tasha caught the first and Andrew and Nkosi caught the rest.  Not sure fishing is for me, I got bored and my wrist hurt just sat there holding a spool and string, but it was fun seeing everyone trying to enjoy it anyway haha.  Although fish were caught… Not enough to eat and most of them were bones over meat!  At one point we decided to free a tiny one…only to see it float past moments later, too late!


Our very patient Captain, Mr Black himself…

We headed to Long Island after fishing.  It was gorgeous, the beach was white and sea so blue, and just in time for sun set!

Unfortunately I have lost pictures, as since uploading his blog I lost my camera.  However I managed to get a few to drop box in time.  Don’t worry guys… I won’t share those photo shoot moments! Haha! 


Very kindly, Captain Black cooked our fish during sunset.. and luckily his friend put some more into the pot too so that we didn’t go hungry!!


Afterwards we all agreed it was a great day.  Great company, great value for money and great memories!   Thanks Nkosi, Tasha, Andrew, Jen  P, Jen C, Caroline, Steve, Guidian and Captain Black for a fabulous day.

After Treehouse, we moved onto Bongz.  Again basic accommodation like everywhere in Koh Rong, and i did have a Kym Breakdown when i couldn’t get  my bucket flush to flush  and having to brush my teeth in the shower and spit down the toilet due to no sink.  there were some diva moments in there fore sure.  but it was ok once used to it, and waking up to the fantastic view every day was worth it!!  Drinking Whiskey became regular on the baloney of our room with the gang.  The nightlife is ok in Koh Rong, its still very small so not much to do but very nice to relax and wake up to this view every day!!

its also nice to see the locals benefiting from the tourism too, with local projects in the centre of Koh Rong


The children were also a part of our stay, which made me fall in love with thee island even more.  watching them playing care free everyday on the beach, picking shells, building sand castles and presenting sand balls to me as gifts are a memorable part of my stay there.  One day i even had my ipad on the table, and they asked to download games, which i let them (when free of course)..  Those games have since got me through some seriously boring travels, so thanks for introducing the mind numbing game that is temple run and candy crush!!

Missing you all,  Kampot next….


Kym and Nkosi 


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