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A little recap…it’s been a while: Cambodia; Siem Reap

So, yes, my blogging stopped and I fell out of love with blogging.  My camera was stolen, Internet was slow, and what started as a passion became more like a chore.

However I’m back and refreshed and wanted to fill you in very briefly on my travelling.

So of course after kampot we headed north of Cambodia to Siem Reap, the home of the famous temple Angkor Wat.

We met up with Tash and Andrew again, Jen and Caroline our Liverpool lasses and our friend Fabio, the Italian stallion.  I fell in love with Cambodia once again.  Staying at the super friendly hostel of Mad monkey we re learnt some new rules for ring of fire and beer pong!  We had the opportunity to spend Halloween there too which was very interesting indeed…. Check out the costumes we came across…. Talk about going all out!  Everyone went all out for fancy dress and we headed to the famous Pub Street to celebrate.        


The night was mayhem and actually so busy we could hardly move, however some intense Jenga took place in a tiny little pub we found space in!      

We chose to to the sunrise at Angkor Wat which meant waking up at 4am to see it…. I wish I could say it was worth it…however not Unfortunatly for us on the day we chose!

Cold, pouring with rain and covered in clouds and Chinese tourist, we missed the sun rising comlelty due to the amount of umbrellas and cloud coverage.  We should have entered wet tee-shirt competitions after it!  It was freezing, but we carried on like trooper and paid for a guide to show us around Angkor Wat temple, which was well worth it as there are no explanations.  A few amazing things I took away from our visit…

  1. The temple, Angkor Wat, is actually privately owed by a Vietnamese company, so Cambodia once again loose out to all of the tourism money that the temple brings to the country, quite astounding really as to how that happened.
  2. Siem Reap is derived from the phase “defeat of the Siam” – Siam being Thailand.
  3. Angkor Wat was actually built so that it could float, through a unique drainage system to remove flooding potential even though it was built in the 12th century.
  4. Going around the temple you notice almost all of the heads are missing from the statues.  This is because they were stolen prior to preservation and as the statues are so big, the heads were the only part stolen as this is all that could be carried.
  5. There are actual monkeys hat freely roam around the temple, which highly surprised me.
Fabio at Angkor Wat
Fabio at Angkor Wat
With our tour guide
With our tour guide


with the gang!
with the gang!


We also visited the other temples that day.  My favourites being The faces of Byron and the Ta Prohm (aka trees temple). The faces are engraved so intricately and there are so many! Again, it’s a shame there are so many people in your way, but it is to be expected.  The trees are also amazing, just how big they actually are is breathtaking.  In my years to come I expect the temples will be no longer as nature takes over and the trees provide complete coverage.  It really is amazing to see how they are growing over the temples.




just a small example of some of tourism you may face... tying not to get a pink teeshirt and straw hat in your picture from one of the thousand tours!
just a small example of some of tourism you may face… tying not to get a pink teeshirt and straw hat in your picture from one of the thousand tours!

We only did the one day around the temples, to be honest for me, that was enough, we also had a tuk tuk driver taking us around cutting the time required. There is lots to see though.

We did a lot of shopping in Siem Reap, and let me tell you, if you need a bargain, Nkosi and Fabio are your guys! I actually think I saw Fabio make one market stall owner have tears in his eyes! Lots of vest tops bought and some Beats By Dre headphones bought by Nkosi, which until they broke a few weeks later, he was trying to convince me were “defo real just stolen”.

After a few days in Siem reap and nights out of course, it was time to all go our separate ways.  Some sad goodbye to amazing friends, but we will all be staying in touch.

We were all checked in online to head to our next destination..Boracay…. Until….I realised … Nkosi Asquith, does not exist and we made an error on the booking!  After some frantic calls to Cebu air 24 hours before flying, we manage to rebook! Phew, as flights there from Siem Reap are once a month!

Read my next post to find out how we found the Philippines!




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