Our Journey

San Pedro La Lagoona; Lake Atilcan school break!

Hey,still having lots of fun 🙂 in case you were worried we were not!  We headed to Lake Aticilan as planned and booked a ticket which cost £8.  The journey was in a shuttle and took 3 hours and half.  We decided to go to the village of San Pedro La Lagoona and therefore got a shuttle straight there.  Our shuttle was interesting to say the least, we met two couples just starting out on the road with a year ahead of them and the rest of the bus was taken up by girls with the worst attitude ever.  They acted like bullies back in high school not moving to let people sit etc.  When we arrived in San Pedro I had already researched where I wanted us to stay, a place called zoolas.  However the group of mean girls on our bus were staying there so we were no longer sure it was a good choice.  The great thing was that a young boy met us off the coach and for £1.50 showed us the town and the hostels with prices.  He took us to zoolas but we didn’t like the vibe and so headed to the other popular choice hostel FE.  It was fully booked.  We ended up at a random place next door to it, called Casa Rosa.  It was cleanish and room with a private bathroom for 120Q a night. I really liked the actual place in terms of location, but some odd and worrying things happened during our stay including; on Sundays the hotel is managed by the 10 year old son as the family have a day off, there is a fuse box INSIDE the shower which caught on fire whilst I was in the shower and nearly had me killed via electrocution and the French staying above us who persisted to talk constantly through the night even when our next door neighbour threatened to murder them if they weren’t quiet.  They also refereed to me a “little blonde b*tch” and “shakeria”- OK I’ve definaly has worse.  All in all wouldn’t rave about staying there but perfect view over the lake and met some nice people there too.  Introducing.. Megisha, two besties called Megan and Alisha from Canada.  Whilst I’m hot, sweaty and discombobulated (thanks for the word Alisha) Nkosi is making besties with these two lovely ladies who happen to be our next door neighbours.  These chicks are really cool, we click in minutes and before we know it, we sat it a hideous country and western bar drinking dodgy tasting mojitos.  We head to zoolas to drink and there we meet Emmy, a British girl working the bar who of course highlights to us that its happy hour, free shot with every drink!  Yup.  We were all wasted.  But had a lot of fun.  To top it off….no we didn’t go home…we carried on into the night and had a fun night out with everyone.  Even one of the couples who was on our bus joined up with us too.  We did go back to possibly the worst house party ever. So bad That that’s the only details I’m giving as its not even worth writing about.  We left swiftly.
The next day we had to decide our next place, which changed 5 times in 12 hours. We walked along the lovley lakes an enjoyed the view from our hammoks.  Nkosi also had some shoes hand made from recycled old tyres and material.  He picked his material, they drew around his foot and a few hours later…whala some funky one off shoes 🙂 not every day you get handmade shoes for £25.
I also fell in love with a jewelry maker who hand crafted me a necklace which resembles a globe with all the parts coming from different parts of central america.
San Pedro was OK.  I wouldn’t go back but good to experience.  The lake was nice if you like lakes, apparently one of the most beautiful in the world.  I’m not a lake entusast so cant really comment it was a fun. 3 days and of course our final ight with our yoga fulfilled darlings Melisha meant more alcohol.  Problem was we were all wasted by 7pm… I was so drunk I insisted I got spiked even though Nkosi assures me I was just drunk.  After 3 nights, a lot of alcohol, much fun with Melisha and even some massages from the fabulous Alisha it was time to get a move on and head to samuc champay a last min add on to the trip after being told we couldn’t miss it after having our final meal in a sweeeeeeet little Isis bar wich served soe amazing food.  Told by an enthusiast that we cannot miss Semuc Chamepey…What great advice.  We didn’t manage the 4 am wake up to climb the Indian nose, purity because after our volcano hike and the jungle tour ahead I was more than convinced we had done enough oudoor adventures plus Nkosi wasn’t feeling the wake upcall, although I heard it is really nice.  Thanks Megan and Alisha for making our time in San Pedro so fun, so much laughter shared and drunken moment definatly the school break I needed…ps see you in st.martain and good luck with the fab new job there Megan, pops see you at our wedding too!


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