Our Journey

What have we been doing?

So it’s been a while since our last blog, and it would be a lie if I said not much has changed; so a quick summary of our life since returning from travels in 2015.

We got back and instantly hit us, reality.  We moved to London, both got jobs relatively easily and we slipped back into 9-7 working life like we had never been away.  We had one aim with London; save save and behave…. And being in London… None of that happened!
However in April 2016 we took a flight to Thailand and decided on our wedding destination and planner.  Destination wedding planning and arranging is something I will cover in detail on one of my blogs later down the line.  So we set the date, told our friends and family and it was set 27th May 2017.  We had 1 year to save, plan and think about our wedding… and with this came the idea of a Megamoon!
We were working on different time scales, in a place neither of us had fallen in love with, and it just didn’t feel right. So rather than complain, we decided to do something about  it.
We saved, behaved (kind of), kept our apartment rented and decided that getting married would also be the start of a new direction and adventure, both of which we would figure out what they were exactly along the way.
I went to photography school, bought some equipment, and went to meetup groups to practice the skills we were learning. I wanted to be able to go away this time, and capture some of the amazing experiences we had much better than previously; and even better, Nkosi joined in on my new hobby which we could now share together.
We started looking at honeymoons, and figured 2 weeks all Inc on a beach just was not us… And so decided to honeymoon in a different way, and go back to our travel days and hotel hop!  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but we would treat ourselves now and again to a more plush hotel.
So the next 10 months was a bit of a blur, the response to our wedding was overwhelming, with 60 friends and family from across the world dedicating their time, money and precious holidays to come and join us.
On March the 10th 2017 I put on my out of office, said good bye to some wonderful work colleagues, and Nkosi did the same.
On March the 11th we packed duo our lives into one car and put all our belongings in my lovely nans attic for storage, once again!
On March the 24th 2017 we took a flight to Bangkok where it all restarted.
We decided to spend a few months in Koh Samui before the wedding, to finalise some of the details, catch up with our awesome friends and spend time with some new additions who had arrived on the planet since our last visit!
The wedding was more than we could have imagined.  See full wedding blog.
And so here we are, today, honeymooning around and about different places and spaces.
So the current plan is Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia… Then who knows!
The purpose of this is my dear diary, my thoughts, wishes and biggest misses.  To share with you what the enjoyed, what we didn’t and what to avoid!!! Hope to provide friends with entertainment, strangers with advice and myself with memories. This page is called Blonde In the big world, but all the experiences are shared hand in hand, pictures taken click by click with my best friend & hubby; Nkosi.
So excited…. Lets get started & it’s good to be back!

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