Nepal Our Journey Tricks & Tips

Nepal Bus – What you need to know; and more importantly what you need to do!

1. Request when booking a seat that you are near the front and ask for your seat number… the bus ride is a bumpy one, and unless you want to feel like you have done 7 hours of a vibration plate/rollercoaster; I suggest you get as near to the front as possible.

2. Ensure you ticket has the bus number written on it

3. Be aware that the drive WILL take longer than expected; Kathmandu to Chitwan took approx 7hours 30mins – apparently because the road is being fixed; I think it will be getting fixed for a very long time! Chitwan to Pokhara was around 7 hours too.

4. Spitting in Nepal is common; but you will hear the wretching noise a lot on the bus!!

5. The view on every route will be insane, mountains, mountains and more mountains!!!

6. Nepal is the only place I have been where the conductor will try and stick the westerners on the worst seats; stick to your guns if you have a seat number and check that it doesn’t have a leak from the AC (if you are lucky enough to have AC)

7. You may pay for an AC tourist bus… but trust, they will turn it off at on point for hours at a time because the engine over heats and can’t cope. You will get very hot!

8. Always expect a Dhal Bhat Pit stop!

9. Always expect no leg room… and to sometimes share your personal space with the occasional toe/foot!

10. Finally…. always expect the driver to get too close to the edge and have an arguement with another bus about who needs to reverse. We even had one occasion where the driver got out and tried to drive the other drivers bus …. so yeah… expect near death experiences!!!

BONUS TIP: Netflix’s allows you to download now – get a good film to get through some of the time!… find a good series – even better! If you can recommend any to me I would be grateful – long journey coming up!


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