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ABC Trek – Top Tips and Tricks

Top tips climbing ABC

Are you worried you are not fit enough, stressing about needing a guide, worried about not keeping the pace?  Here is everything you need to know to get going.

Top tips for Equipment & Gear for ABC</p

1.  Don’t get over whelmed by the back to back line up of walking gear shops. Think about what you need and when you are climbing.  The likelihood is you will wear the same trousers the whole time whilst trekking; one waterproof pair which convert to shorts will suffice!

2.  Think about the season, don’t make our mistake and pack too much of the wrong thing!

3.  Comfortable shoes!  Try and wear them in a bit before walking!!! Sounds simple but honestly have you ever worn shoes with your foot at a vertical angle for 7 hours at a time?

4.  A battery pack that holds charge!! The higher up you go, you have to start paying for charge and at the last couple of stops there is none!! Last thing you want is to get to your final spot and have no chance to take those dream shots!

5.  Immodium!  Stock up on your new best friend (to be honest this will be on you all times the minute you step into Nepal).  You don’t want that funny tummy to let loose in nature!

6.  A water bottle.  Not suggesting you to go and buy a fancy one, just don’t bin the one you start the trek off with!! It gets quite expensive to buy water as you go up, so just get your original plastic refilled!

7.  Layer up!  Rather than pack one big jumper it’s best to have the option to build on layers; you will get hot walking, you are trekking at a pace and carrying things, it’s a workout.  However when you stop, it gets really cold, especially the higher you go!  And at night, particularly, it can get very very cold!  So have an option to wrap up!

8.  Second skin!  Get some second skin blister tape; because those bad boys will show their face at some point!

9.  Baby wipes; handy for washing and toilet stops!!!

10. A good attitude, positive energy and learn some good songs to pick up the energy when it hits rock bottom.  We actually had a speaker at one point that we used to play songs to distract us at the steep points!

Bonus tip

Take Things to do in the afternoon/evening!  We would start trekking at 6am and be finished for the day by 2/3pm… Then you are in a tin hut with nothing to do other than make conversation with the same people you have been surrounded by for the past X no of days (sorry hubby)!  Cards, a book, or our favourite Cards Monopoly are always good ideas!


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