Central Asia Nepal Our Journey

What we did in Kathmandu

How we figured out what to do in Kathmandu

We took a flight from KL to Kathmandu and got our visas on arrival.  See my top Kathmandu tips; but incase you missed it- you need CASH and USD preferred, if not pounds.  The process is fine, scan passport, choose length of stay and pick your visa type (single or double entry) and then pay.  This seemed to be the only part I saw people struggling; even though the sign said it accepts card, they were not letting you pay that way and one girl was asking strangers to lend cash.  So to prevent the stress, try and sort this before boarding the flight as there are no ATM machines before exiting the airport.

Straight away it felt like a different country, the airport was so basic, considering this is the main airport for the country!  However every one was really nice…. Maybe too nice!

Nkosi ended up making friends with a guy who offered us a good taxi price, and we go for it!  (See point 2 on my Do and don’t tip) …. This was a DONT.  We spent the next 1h 45min in the smallest car ever (all cars are tiny in Kathmandu) with a sticker on the front of it saying “I love my mum and dad” whilst the driver got increasingly annoyed we wouldn’t book a trek and his friend persisted the whole way that they would take us to their shop.. only then it dawned on us we had no idea where we were or who these random men where! Anyway all was good, as I sweated it out in the back, kose kept calm and we were taken to our Guesthouse.  3 hours later, Bale and Matt rocked up and guess what… Had exactly the same experience!

Kathmandu is probably the most dusty city I have ever been; along with most agressive so driving and the first place we had been where there were just hundreds of huge cows in the middle of streets.  Day 1 we would take photos every two minutes and squeal when we saw a baby one; 24 hours later, we didn’t even notice we were being pushed out the way by them; and it’s been that way ever since!

We had a total of 4 days in Kathmandu; it turned out to be one of my favourite places.  The food was tasty, the people were nice and once it was said that we didn’t want to book trekking there, we were left to our own devices.

We took a day out exploring the temples; including;

Boudhanath Stupa                                           500rup
Pashupathinaha Temple/Crematoria  1000rup
Durbar Square                                                  1000rup

Bhatakpur Square                                           1500rup

Also if you get chance; check out Hole In the wall for some drinks!  It’s a converted house, covered in Bob Marley and each room is a table, you have bell service and it’s a really cool vibe.

Also if you get fed up of eating Dhal Bhat 24/7 (the national dish that majority of Nepalise eat 2 times a day) then head to OR2k … Really yummy, cool vibe and something different!

We stayed at Andy’s guesthouse whilst in Kathmandu.  Probably wouldn’t stay again, very quiet place, and heard much better reviews of some other places from fellow travellers… The shower, however, one of the best I had in a long time! Powerful and super hot!!!

Next up the bus journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan….!

If you would like to know more we found another website which was super helpful it is as follows.



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