Our Journey

Flying In India

1. Don't always expect when you board a plane that there will be a pilot to actually fly you

2. You get food no matter how short the flight!! Although some airlines food quality is better than others! 🙂

3. The planes have loads of leg room;!!!!! This ain't no easy jet thing

4. Many flights will end up delayed.

5. You need to have access to your e-ticket just to get into the terminal… Make sure you have battery on your gadget to show the guards, even better a print out. If you have no battery this causes getting into the terminal.

6. Always make sure on entry to India you have your STAMP in … Otherwise leaving is hard!! (Again we know… We came in Overland and it was not stamped… Really hard to explain why when you don't know why?!)

7. Don't get excited when you get the competition leaflet scratch card with your meal and you have won what ever you want form the catalogue… You have to pay £20 to collect it… And none of the prizes are worth that!

8. Your bag will get scanned before check in… Don't pack a battery pack in your bag, they are not allowed! … Also my portable electronic fan seemed to cause issues everywhere! All ok once explained what it was 🙂

9. They are pretty strict on weight, but paying extra is not expensive so don't stress, we even got a few kilos free in return for filing out a good feedback card!

10. Don't put your boarding card and passport through the x-ray scanner in your bag. You have to take it through the body scanner with you to get stamped to show you have been checked. I obviously didn't do this and they made me line up and start again, with some serious tuts going on!! Also female and male have separate ques (common throughout most of India for key attractions where scanning is required – even in malls!)

11. Hand luggage does not exist, neither do you need to worry about size (we saw people with a few bigger than average hand luggage bags getting on board!)

Extra bonus note: If you manage to get a guard to smile at you please let us know! (And we want evidence) 🙂 #happyflying Ps who is your favourite Indian airlines to fly with? Ours is Jet Airways so far!

Extra extra point; if you think you will be first off the plane… you have no chance there is a race to be first off patience is a virtue.


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